Computers, Work Outs, and Talking It Out: RESET Team Series

Skincare, mental health, and the importance of being passionate are all focal points in today’s edition of our RESET team series, as we introduce Andy Vo, a RESET fellow interested in all things technology to self-care.

passionate about being passionate

A student at the Boston University, Andy is majoring in Computer Science with a passion for user experience and product design, toppled with product management. His infatuation with the technological world began when he adopted the all-familiar role of the “tech-guy,” in every friend or family group, that fixes computers whenever they go wrong.

When it comes to mindsets, Andy explains that he is “passionate about being passionate,” crediting his optimism and determination as catalysts in achieving his goals. Unwavering optimism does have its downfalls however, and Andy shares that he’s learning how to take a step back to regain control over his health and himself.

Finding his wellness routine came hand in hand with finding the courage to reach out for help

On the topic of health, Andy cites multiple, daily wellness routines he’s grown accustomed to throughout the year. He starts his day with a morning skincare routine of moisturizer and sunscreen, followed by home workouts to counter the effects of sitting on Zoom all day. Guitar, roller-skating, and biking are also important assets in Andy’s wellness routine, as he always tries to find the time to fit at least one in his schedule.

Finding his wellness routine came hand in hand with finding the courage to reach out for help, as Andy struggled with mental illness alone for years before realizing the extent of what was going on and the importance of seeking advice and a helping hand. With that being said, Andy does realize that issues with mental health don’t resolve overnight, and his advice to anyone reading this, is that time will ultimately heal all wounds.

He explains that “wellness takes time to build and it can be as simple as making a self-love Spotify playlist out of the blue. Overtime, you’ll start to hear the same songs over and over, and it does make a difference.”

be comfortable with the uncomfortable

Andy believes that it’s important to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and reaching out for help, starting a wellness routine, or even just accepting that you need some change in your life, are all part of the uncomfortable that we need to move past.

At the end of the day, everyone’s journeys are amalgamations of twists, turns, ups, and downs, but at the core of every journey are three words that Andy lives by “I’m still learning.”