How to RESET: Rhea's Wellness Routine

The digital world has made it easy for us all to forget that there are, in fact, real people behind the screen.

Individuals with thoughts, feelings, and a whole illustrious story of their own. At RESET, our platform hopes to create an open and communicative space, with our new RESET team series inviting you, the reader, into that space by getting to know a little bit more about the people behind the screens of your daily wellness intake.

From our personal wellness routines to just who we are as people, our RESET team series aspires to make you all feel less alone in your wellness (or life) journey, and maybe even inspire you to try out some new things!

Starting off with our Product Design Intern Rhea Jiang, Rhea is currently a graduate student at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, with a passion for traveling and the occasional museum visit. She spent her life between California and China, citing that both hold a special spot in defining who she is.

When it comes to wellness, Rhea shares that it’s all about “finding peace, fulfillment and independence,” with her wellness routine exemplifying all of the above. Through chance discoveries, Rhea found that slipping into comfy pajamas, lighting a candle, and doing some morning and night stretching, are great ways to take her mind off things and reconnect with herself. She also shared that lighting incense at temples she’s visited, inspired her to practice that ritual at home, bringing in the mindfulness that comes with it all.

do not feel pressure to conform to certain marketed notions of wellness or self-care

For everyone looking to start their wellness journey, Rhea shares that it’s imperative to “not feel pressure to conform to certain marketed notions of wellness or self-care,” instead it’s far more important to “listen to yourself and do what works for you instead of trying to fit into a mold.”

We can all learn a lot from Rhea, namely that wellness doesn’t have to be complicated and it can be whatever you want it to be! So maybe pull a Rhea and light some candles tonight, it could help a lot more than you think.