Like Mondays, We Never Skip Lunch

Always take lunch! Whether you use it to eat, exercise, or stream your favorite show, take the lunch #break seriously as personal time for bringing more #joy into your day.

For those who often feel constrained by work demands, taking a #lunch break is one of the times during the day you're nearly guaranteed to get some grace.

Some ideas for filling that time that don't involve food:

1. Catch up with a family member or friend (e.g. a simple video call or text)

2. Try your hand at a new skill (e.g. paint-by-numbers kits)

3. Read a few pages of the book you've been putting off (e.g. Walking with the Wind, a memoir by the late #JohnLewis)

4. Get outside! (e.g. walk, bike, or just bathe in the summer sun)

5. Knock a few items off your fitness list that won't require much of a sweat (e.g. squats)

#buildbetterbreaks #selfcare