Step away from burnout culture

We're bookmarking these great tips for #burnoutprevention posted by Thrive Global. Try one each day to see which ones bring you #joy and can be incorporated into your daily routine. Visit to find tools that can enhance the experience, especially for # 4, 5, 6, 10, and 18.

1. Identify your top priorities in the morning

2. Carve out “commute time”

3. Add greenery to your space

4. Make time for movement

5. Start each day with a positive thought

6. Take breaks

7. Establish a designated workspace in your home

8. Take one day each week to recharge

9. Keep your laptop in a closet after work ends

10. Bookend your day with a calming ritual

11. Take “wonder walks”

12. Pick your battles

13. Map out your schedule for the week

14. Walk the dog

15. Establish a nighttime routine

16. Set a work cutoff time

17. Eat lunch away from your desk

18. Set alarms to check in with yourself

19. Incorporate a signoff ritual

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From Thrive Global:

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