Wellness 101 for Skeptics: Myths Debunked

Social media’s influence has undeniably resulted in the word ‘wellness’ being thrown around left and right with no real meaning backing it up. The face of wellness has become a slim, always has their shit together, eats kale for every meal, financially stable influencer, that just seems to have a perfect life. In reality however, wellness is tied to the day to day people around us, drinking cheap wine on their couch and trying to figure things out.

So what really is wellness? At a textbook level, wellness is holistic health that sees the balance between physical and mental wellbeing. But, it really is so much more than that. Wellness is a proactive effort in acknowledging different corners of your life, be it mental health, social circles, or fitness state, that need substantial improvement. It is a form of nourishing your mind and self to eventually become the best versions they can possibly be.

A swirl of harmful myths clouds this reality of wellness blurring the lines between fact and fiction, some of which to be wary of are:

1. Bath salts, nail polish, and avocados

A common misconception of wellness is the idea that a series of artisanal perfumes or organic vegetables will miraculously improve your life overnight. Although the aforementioned are beneficial in their own ways, wellness is rooted in mental health before anything else, and mental health takes time. Unfortunately to all of us, the mind doesn’t magically heal forever after one simple task. It’s a continuous effort and change in routine that will ultimately lead to better outcomes. Wellness goes beyond bath salts, and encompasses that all-engaging process and journey that goes into healing ourselves.

2. Wellness won’t work

A lot of people are reluctant to practice wellness out of fear that it won’t work. This belief is rooted in a) the dissatisfaction out of not seeing immediate results after changing a routine and b) the misconstrued, picture perfect face of wellness that understandably puts people off. However, the reality of it is that wellness is essentially a healing process, and healing is by no means linear. Healing and bettering ourselves is a journey, there are ups and downs, sometimes even fallbacks, but none that which erase our progress. Wellness does work, it’s just not as clear-cut as people make it out to be. It looks different for everyone and some things that work for others, may not work for you, and that’s totally fine! As long as you’re actively engaging in practices that make you feel good about yourself, your wellness journey is abundant with all the success it needs.

3. It’s boring

Sometimes the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about wellness is a strict diet or gym regimen that gets in the way of fully indulging in delicacies (or activities) that you love. But that’s completely not the case! Wellness doesn’t have one shape or form and can be anything that you really want it to be. From a bad ass morning playlist to a fun yoga class with your friends, wellness is all about including activities that are filled to the brim with joy in your daily life. If the gym isn’t your thing, head to the park instead! Wellness is as fun as you make it out to be and there’s no correct way of going about it, as long as you’re doing what your body and soul need in that moment.

4. But it’s so difficult

There is a fragment of truth in this. Finding and establishing a wellness routine is difficult at first, but as time goes on things organically become so much easier. It could be intimidating to begin, but wellness is so worth it in the end, and platforms like RESET just make that first step so much easier.

The late Carrie Fisher once said “Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.” Often times in life, we find ourselves waiting for the right moment to do or start something, when in reality, the right moment is now. Taking the leap can be terrifying, but sometimes we just need to trust that we’ll fall into the right place. Wellness is a helping hand that guides you to that right place, it’s an embodiment of positivity and activity that’ll keep pushing you forward, so why not try it?


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