Your "full self" needs holistic mental health benefits

Employers must increase access to AND AWARENESS OF holistic mental health benefits at work to prevent #burnout and #depression.

Headspace Inc.'s latest report on mental health trends in the workplace is spot on: "“Bringing your whole self to work” has taken on a new meaning. Our whole selves come with the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty that shapes our daily life."

Some alarming results from their survey:

  • 44% of workers don’t feel employee mental health is a priority at their organization

  • 42% of today's workforce, on average, feels “burned out” or “extremely burned out

  • 40% of younger workers suspect they suffer from anxiety and depression but haven’t been diagnosed or seen a professional.

  • 38% of workers do not believe their company offers any mental health benefits

  • 12% of workers think their employer has a holistic mental health program

Based on these results, not only do employers need to step up their mental health benefits, they also need to increase awareness and ease of access to them for employees.

View the full report here: